Terms of Use

These are the terms and conditions you get bound to when you join SevenMaxPro

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SevenMaxPro was created to help digital marketers on all levels to make the most out of the internet. You are welcome to join the growing network and also leverage the power of the internet community and generate revenue online.

We believe that by you joining SevenMaxPro you agree to our terms of use which are as follows:

Basic Members

Members who join SevenMaxPro at level one and do (not) get the recommended tools as given in levels 2 and 6 are termed to be basic members of SevenMaxPro. Members at basic level will not qualify to earn any amounts that will reflect in their working account, However, they will still access the training guides given on the home page of our site.

Pro members

Members who signup for a membership account on SevenMaxPro in level 1, acquire the recommended tools and upgrade their membership by getting the exclusive toolkit is termed to be a pro member on SevenMaxPro. Pro members qualify to earn €1 which is approximated to Ksh 100 per every  user they refer to SevenMaxPro and  signs up to the program in level 1 plus other benefits Including MLM bonuses in binary form and commissions per upgrade.

Commission payment

All approved commissions will be sent to respective accounts on every 15th of the next month assuming that the account owner provided the correct PayPal email or account number on sign up. PayPal is what we recommend most to our users for convenient payments.

Approval to Pro Membership

Approval to becoming a Pro member of SevenMaxPro will take 60 days just to avoid approving payouts to a cheeky friends who will upgrade and later request refunds. This is done manually. For one to be viewed as a pro member, you need to have Signed up for an affiliate link as give in level 1. Purchased the recommended tools as given in level 2 and level 6 using the links on the same page of training. And got for yourself the exclusive toolkit. Use of external links means faulting the rules of the site hence disqualification if purchase will not be manually confirmed. Refunded members will automatically be degraded to basic members.

Refund Terms

In case you feel unsatisfied using the toolkit. Then you can request a refund from your account > orders > refund. Please note that you should meet the following terms before initiating a refund request or for your refund request to be approved. We put these terms in order to curb ill minded individuals. Once we confirm that you meet them and we are convinced beyond doubt that the course never benefited you. You will receive your refund in full NO QUESTIONS ASKED.:

  • Request will be processed within 24-hours
  • The request should be made within 60 days after purchase.
  • Should Not have completed maximum of ten lessons given in the toolkit.
  • Your account should not have any member in your down line.
  • You should be having a maximum of 100 email addresses in your email list on getresponse
  • Payments will be sent to same account used to make the purchase.
  • PayPal users will receive refunds within 3-business days as MPesa users receive within a similar period of time after request is approved

You are NOT allowed to plagiarize our content and/or translate full tutorials on your site.

we reserve the rights to change, edit or update these  terms of use which users may  be notified by email. However you are required to check in time to time for any updates

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