Why do you only pay Pro members?

Virtual currency will reflect in all accounts of members on sevenmaxpro as they work as either pending or approved. However, on the 15th of the next month only pro members will receive money to their selected method of payment because they qualify to receive payments as given on the terms and conditions page.

Actually, Basic members do not qualify to receive payments because. All the tools you acquire in the basic level are just the same tools you would have acquired even if you were not on sevenmaxpro. You only are being recommended specific tools to help you set up your model fast enough to get you started with using a website to work online.

Therefore, to distinguish between one who just joined sevenmaxpro to claim the Free highly valued website gift and walk way from one that is on sevenmaxpro to stay and grow as a family – Upgrading is required.

but with the upgrade you get even more training to help you grow and excel. In-fact, you qualify for one on one training with experienced personnel to ensure you make no errors on your job.

However, you still may choose to work on the basic level for sometime before upgrading. You still will be entitled to your with held approved payout during the next payday.