What are the refund terms of SevenMaxPro Members?

All new members enjoy the safety of there money for thirty to 60 days. They can request refund of their money and they will get the money back in full no questions asked.

However, this vary from tool to tool. Some tools allow you trial periods and there after serve you on pay as you go to access there services. Therefore, as an interested member we recommend reading the terms and conditions of each tool recommended by SevenMaxPro before you make a choice of making a purchase. We are not to be held liable for any disagreements between you the buyer and the service provider incase you get to disagree with.

As for Upgrading to Pro, SevenMaxPro has outlined the refund terms on the terms and conditions page. However, You are provided with the basic training which you can implement, use and then only upgrade at your own conscience.  You may work at the basic level as long as you want then you can upgrade only when you are ready.